Indian Peaks Day Trip


Indian Peaks Wilderness is a nice day trip because one can enjoy the glory of the high country within an hour’s drive from Boulder. Its pristine glacial lakes, snow fields, babbling brooks lined with wild flowers, moose mommies, jack rabbits, and unmistakably fresh pine-scented air rejuvenate the soul. I wanted to make a family pilgrimage to this special place before we go, but our visit there was cut short for a few reasons.
When we first arrived, we were informed that the only parking available was one mile from the trailhead due to construction. Ok, we dealt with this just fine and made it after 40 minutes to the trailhead. Making it up to the top of the trail, Isabel Glacier, was looking less likely, but scaling back plans is ok with me. But on top of this setback, Hazel was required to be on a leash, constantly reminded by the abundance of very official looking rangers and their signs: $250 fine if she is caught off leash. Hazel’s 80 pounds constantly tugging towards the lake –glistening as if to taunt her–seemed torturous & proved to be just too much for everyone. And finally, at each pause, massive Mosquitos would immediately swarm, drawn to my kids sweet strawberry smoothie blood. Abort mission was the decision, serving as good practice in preparing for days ahead that may not go exactly as planned. It still was a beautiful morning, though, and I can’t wait to come back next summer, sans dog and construction.


One response to “Indian Peaks Day Trip

  1. Good pictures and good description of the area. Too bad your plans got changed, but as you wisely stated that may just have been a practice drill for your days ahead.



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