Hana and Beyond

On the road to Hana.

On the road to Hana.

The famed road to Hana lived up to its reputation — a tall order, but it definitely delivered. This drive will remain in my memory as one of the most beautiful journeys of my life. All day, it is as if your eyes are filled alternately with 40 different shades of green on one side of the road and the vibrant hues of the ocean’s turquoise and azure on the other. The black, jagged lava coastline provides a striking contrast to these blues and the white crests of waves.

Cool lava rock at Keanae.

Cool lava rock shore at Keanae.

I saw all of my beloved houseplants, but mega-sized, wild and rampant, overtaking trees, poles, hillsides and spilling into the road. Fruit trees were abundant, varied, and mysterious. The road to Hana is treacherous; the waterfalls peeking around seemingly every bend easily distract, and one must cross 54 century old, one lane bridges before the journey is complete. Rushing streams filling crystalline pools, gigantic trees with dangling monkey vines, and a few requisite roosters, this road has it all. Thanks to Chris’ excellent driving skills, we survived.

The view from Keanae of the road hidden in the jungle along the coast.

The view from Keanae of the road hidden in the jungle along the coast.

We stopped for picnic lunch by the sea-sprayed shore in Keanae.  The huge sports field beside a stone church built in 1860 was such a picturesque place to kick the soccer ball around.



We discovered an awfully cute pony, who found Mathilda’s 3 year old fingers so succulent, I had to pry them loose (like getting the ball back from Hazel).


Merle really liked climbing the roots and trunks of the pandanus trees by the shore.


We stayed overnight in Hana at a beat-up operation called Aloha Cottages. The scent of the plumeria (frangipani) tree beside our cottage was intoxicating. We also had a nice view of Hana Bay at sunrise.

We left early in the morning to hike a bit at Oheo Gulch in Kipahulu Valley. It was great to arrive before the onslaught of other tourists. Awesome shore views with ancient ruins, plus more gorgeous trees, falls, and pools.


Our last stop was Hamoa Beach, a favorite of Greg and K’s, and now our’s too. Merle tirelessly tackled the big waves and Mathilda dug the black sand. 🙂


Thank you, Greg and K for all your great tips. We had an awesome time!



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