Randomly Maui

As our time here on Maui dwindles and Vietnam looms,
I am beginning to appreciate the moments here even more. Even aspects like fresh air, pure sunshine, and clear seas cannot be taken for granted, not to mention our easy-livin-condo at Ekahi. Here is a little bit more of what we have been up too.

We try to work in sunset-viewing no matter where we are. To catch one, Mathilda runs down from our place with full abandon.


Merle could spend hours at the tide pools below the condo.


We are relaxing more and even the kids (well, maybe just a little). Mathilda has especially mastered resort-chill-out-mode.


Merle is getting good at dutifully smiling for the camera. It is easy when he is (almost always) happy.


The kids’ new favorite dessert is shaved ice, especially rainbow flavor. We remember with great fondness all the huge, bright rainbows we saw on Kauai.


Awesome rainbow right in front of our house in Kauai.

Awesome rainbow right in front of our house in Kauai.

Kihei, the town next door, has a big park by the shore, perfect for kids M & M’s age.


The fish tacos, coconut shrimp and onion rings are awesome at Coconuts in Kihei.


Glad we have the scooters for the long walk along the Wailea coast.


Today was a great day at our beach. The water was like a swimming pool, calm and clear. More turtles, sand play and swimming. Mathilda was so proud of the heart she drew, and Merle got to go out on a paddle board with a buddy to look at a turtle family.



2 responses to “Randomly Maui

  1. Darlings, we are so thrilled by your willingness to embrace life and it’s beauty with such gusto! I have enjoyed the pictures so much, even remembering spots from my childhood. We did the trip to Hana on my tenth birthday! Stopped in many of the same spots. Hard to imagine Lahina as a tiny town and the Pioneer Inn as a sleepy old creeky hotel on the harbor. No big hotels, golf courses, apartment buildings or an aquarium .
    Vietnam will be marvelous in its own way, crazy mopeds, markets, everything strange and new. So happy the kids had a taste of my childhood. Thank you for all these gifts to them!
    News from home, Allegra Ruth was born 8/21/13, 7.3, 20″ she was a month early due to complications but all is well with mother and daughter and they are headed home. Siena started school this week , she loves her teacher and going to school. Henry starts mid September and is mastering toilet use. Annie is over ten lbs. and doing well too.

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