Bye Bye Maui

imageThe plan for our last days in Maui changed a bit due to the kids developing both inner and outer ear infections from all the swimming.  They have been in the water 2 to 3 times a day for almost one month now, so I think it was bound to happen. Unfortunately, they were exiled from the water for 3 of the last 5 days we are here.  The first day was hard, but they luckily had a bit of fun at the tide pools and digging around in the sand.
And before the swimming ban, we had some great days, with calm water and plenty of sun.
Mathilda realized if she drew a line around herself sitting down, it made a perfect heart.
Merle got a ride on a paddle board to see a turtle family not far from shore.
We found Ahihi Kinau, a little black pebble beach at the foot of a lava field with plentiful fish and healthy coral. For the short time we were out, the kids were amazed. I was too!
Meanwhile, like many hard core cyclists who come to Maui, Chris rode to the top of Haleakala. Yay, Daddy!
His 82 mile west Maui loop was equally amazing.
I should have known Mathilda was not feeling well when we found her nesting in a drawer with Blanket Sauce.
After a couple down days hanging above the water line, Merle and Mathilda were very happy to get back in the water.
Mathilda has become quite a fierce swimmer. One cool trick is her cork screw style (hands first) swim to the 8 foot bottom and back.

This was my first time to Hawaii, and I leave with a heavy heart, because I really liked it and want to experience more! I was always drawn to SE Asia for that tropical feel – the weather, the flowers, fruit, birds, plethora of green. It’s nice to experience all that here with such ease, within the boundaries of our own country. Merle himself has decided he wants to move here -I am glad he has enjoyed himself so much- so, maybe at least we will get the chance to come back. I can’t believe it is part of the US – we are very luckily to have such a shining gem. Bye bye, Hawaii!


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