Cai Be

After An Bang, we went down to the Mekong Delta, which involved a quick flight from Danang to Saigon, and then a 2 hour car ride to our hotel in the small riverside town of Cai Be. The Mekong Riverside Resort was mostly empty, but very beautiful. (Trying out a new format, so bear with me.  The pictures are small here, but if you click on the first one, you can scroll through them in a larger size.)

After some relaxing, we ventured out into the area, always by boat.

We enjoyed the peace and relative simplicity of the Mekong Delta. It was a little tiring being full-on tourists though, it rained everyday, and we eventually were ready to get back to Saigon. I will never forget the lawn-mower-chugga-chugga of those boats always going by.  (Slideshow below.)

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2 responses to “Cai Be

  1. What fun to see your pictures, will show you mine of the same market and area, I remember the Church! You may even have stayed at the resort we had lunch at. Too bad there is so much rain but it should stop soon. It seems to be rainy everywhere! With luck there will be some delightful celebrations at the end of the rainy season. Hope you have found a way to rest. With love, Kimberly and Roger

  2. rain every day… sounds like this place last week.. Wish I could shop at those markets. Awesome! You guys are looking great!

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