Shanta Trek

The view from our host Thar Nge's porch.

The view from our host Thar Nge’s porch.

I call this our Shanta Trek, not only because the little boy of our host was named Shanta, but also because it is through Shanta Foundation that we came to know Thar Nge, his family and his village. Based in our home state of Colorado and run by Mike Karpfen, an acquaintance of my father, “Shanta Foundation partners with poor, rural villages in Myanmar to help them become self-sufficient and thriving communities.” Through Mike, we were able to connect with Thar Nge, Shanta’s local manager, in Nyaung Shwe. He and his sweet family took us first by minivan, then by foot up to his remote Taung Yo village. We knew we were in for an awesome 24 hours when we first got into the minivan, and the stereo was playing the mesmerizing tones of a monk’s chant, and behind us in the back seat were four happy, smiling people: Thar Nge’s wife, his 2 little kids, and sister in law.

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We would like to send a big thanks to Mike Karpfen, Thar Nge, and his family for a wonderful experience. It was inspiring to see and learn about all the good work they are doing for the hilltribe people of Myanmar. We will never forget it! Chei zu tin bar te!


Please read more about the amazing work of Shanta here:


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