Pristine Koh Jum

Little Koh Jum is just 45 minutes by ferry from Koh Lanta. Though we really enjoyed our 9 nights on KL, Jum has a much more remote vibe, which was a welcome respite from the over-tanned, boozy holiday crowds. The coastal guesthouses there can only be accessed by long tail boats, which keeps away huge tourist throngs. By ferry, we met our boat at sea, where we had a wobbly transfer of luggage and bodies, the process a novelty we had not experienced yet.

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Soon we arrived. Ting Rai Bay = pure paradise.

This gorgeous bayan tree on the left, which obviously survived the 2004 tsunami, presides over the lodge.

This gorgeous banyan tree on the left, which obviously survived the 2004 tsunami, presides over the lodge.

The grounds of Ting Rai Bay Lodge rise straight up into the jungle (complete with wild monkeys) from the beach. Our Robinson Crusoe-like wooden bungalow had an mesmerizing view:
The bungalow’s huge deck became yet another stage where Mathilda could spread her wings, this time with toilet paper.

Besides the family of pesky macaques that add to the wild feel of Koh Jum, Chris also experienced the joy of discovering a live cobra as he picked up an overturned kayak. The staff promptly whacked it on the head, and the kids got to learn a little about life and death.
Jellyfish were quite a theme while in Thailand since we often felt their stinging eggs and saw many, as well. Luckily, we never encountered the feared box variety, but those big white ones sure looked like they could do some damage.

Both kids, especially Mathilda, have made friends easily throughout the trip.

It is touching to see how quickly a bond can be made, even with kids who do not speak English. Sign language works pretty well. Everywhere we go, when Mathilda is asked her age, we see this gesture:
At Ting Rai Bay, the kids befriended a sweet boy from Australia named Noah. Along with his parents, his grandparents from South Africa (but originally from the Uk) were there. We had a few pleasant days visiting with Noah and his charming and worldly family.

The sun also sets on Koh Jum and soon it was time leave another place we enjoyed so much. Time for more adventures, our next stop Railay!

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