About Us


We are a family with two young kids, Merle (5) and Mathilda (3) who will be travelling to Hawaii, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Bali, and Malaysia for 10 months beginning July 30, 2013. We rented our Boulder house out to another family, stored our personal belongings in the garage, and sent our beloved dog, Hazel, to my sister’s. We hope this will be the first of several extended, international trips with our kids. We believe seeing the world, experiencing its challenges and joys, will infinitely enrich our children and our family as a whole.


3 responses to “About Us

    • Hi Sharna,

      Thanks for your question! For one and a half years prior to our trip, we started saving and cutting way back on our daily expenses.
      We also rented our house out for the entire time we were gone. This covered the mortgage and some of our travel expenses.
      The cost of living at most places we visited was much less than, Boulder – a surprising expensive town. My husband was in-between
      projects and could take the time off, but we also received a little income from an investment property while we were gone.
      I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any more. — Lyndel

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