In our lovely town of Boulder, most people at least somewhat understand why we would leave for 10 months with our little kids to experience SE Asia. But, 1 out of every 10 people I tell reacts with sort of a “are you crazy!!?” look on their face.  Well, we are crazy, but so is getting married, having kids, buying a house, tearing down the house and then rebuilding, and all the other little things we do on a daily basis that put our mental and physical lives in danger.  Yes, every other day, I go through an “OH NO!” state of panic, but then I think of the aforementioned events–oh and let’s not forget the 2 home births–and it all has been worth it beyond what I ever imagined.  Without taking risks–jumping into the unknown, doing things we aren’t 100% clinically sure about–how will we grow, learn or become deeper human beings?  Yes, we could stay here and everything would be normal. I like normal, actually.  Our dog would not have to go through severe confusion & separation anxiety, Merle would enter kindergarten with his peers, and Mathilda would not be forced give up her crib.  I would be happy to continue my daily routine, in and out of days and into another year… Yet, imagine the radical change we are bringing into our lives, the fresh programming of our kids brains which will now be so much more colorful and rich, forming neural pathways that will influence their entire lives in ways presently unknown but surely amazing.  The trip may even add a few more years to our adults lives, who knows?

When I turned 30–when everyone else was wondering when/if they would settle down, buy a house & get married–I decided to stuff my backpack and go around the world for a year.  This was not the first time I had travelled abroad alone, but it solidified within me the desire to never stop seeing the world.  Once I get into that intertidal zone/ flow of other travellers, I know actually why I make the choice to travel.  For one, it feels exhilarating, like being a child–energized and curious–all over again.  I can’t wait to experience this sensation again, and it will be even more intense with my peeps, my lovies, my little family, which I will guide like the pied piper through my favorite region on this planet.



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